Find the Celebrity in You

By on December 25, 2005 has put together a face recognition system, and hit on a fun way to introduce it:

In our Alpha launch you get a sneak peek at our face recognition technology. It’s called Find the Celebrity in You. Just upload a photo of yourself or family and in a few moments we’ll automatically show you which celebrity you resemble the most!

I didn’t have much for photos of myself to pick from, but from one that I did have it says I look most like Edmund Stoiber, Tommy Lee Jones and Eminem. From the second photo I threw at it, I supposedly look like Charlton Heston, Robert Oppenheimer and Walter Mondale. Hmm. I fail to see the resemblance, but maybe it’s just me. Or perhaps MyHeritage’s face recognition software just needs more work. Or maybe it just needs a better photo to work with.

Where’s the connection between face recognition and MyHeritage?

Once you teach what your relatives and friends look like, it recognizes and tags them automatically in your photos and in photos submitted by other users (subject to privacy settings that you specify). So you can find any photo you’re after by searching for those in it, and find photos of yourself, your ancestors or people who resemble you, even in albums contributed by other users. Our face recognition technology is built to scale to hundreds of thousands of faces, and to recognize peoples’ faces throughout different ages of their life.

I wonder how long it’ll be before there’s a paternity suit based on the findings from this site.



  1. lol! I think they may need some more work on their face recognition software. According to them I look most like Theodore Kaczynski (the Unabomber) and Cameron Diaz. I don’t know which of the two to be offended by more (calling me a girl? or the Unabomber?) At least my girlfriend looks like Elisha Cuthbert, Sandra Bullock, Moran Atias, Anna Kournikova and… Eva Peron.

  2. Tom Hanks, a young Orson Welles, and an older Johnny Weismuller (the original movie Tarzan) were my top 3. Obviously, people that I’m constantly being mistaken for.

    I couldn’t help but notice that all of my matches except one (Michael Caine) happened to have their photos taken from slightly to the side, just as I had. So I would guess that the angle of the head is playing more into the match than the features of the face.

    It would be interesting to get a picture of someone that people think looks like a certain celebrity, and see what this says.

  3. According to them I look most like Theodore Kaczynski (the Unabomber)

    People, people. Upload a clear photograph of your face. If you’re wearing your CHiPS shades and a hoodie, the experiment gets blown all to hell.

    Kidding aside, I used a pic of a gal friend of mine. All of the matches were of men. I spent an hour in the bathtub brushing my teeth and weeping.

  4. I think i’m insulted . I ran 4 pics through it and it said i looked like 36 women and 4 men.I’m a dude! Or so I thought….

  5. well, i think it is a really good site, it told me i looked like a mix of kelly clarkson, rachel stvens and delta goodrem and now most people agree!!!

  6. I put lots of pictures through the my heritage face recognition and I have to say it is quite accurate. If your head is at an angle in the picture then you are obviously going to get matches like that too, it reads the information from the photo and matches you to the nearest likeness of the 4000 celebrities in the database. This does not mean that you actually look like Anna Kournikova or Angelina Jolie, but rather that your features are similar! In almost all of my photos got Lynda Carter as a match no matter what angle the photo was taken from or what expression I was making which is really cool cos people have been telling me that I look like her since I was a child! The site gets a thumbs up from me and it is addictive!

  7. I just did the face recognition thing too and I apparently look like Kate Winslet, it think thats pretty cool!

  8. Is there any other website that does this? all i find is “myheritage”. and i need somthing you dont have to download.

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