Mythbusters Questions

By Deane Barker on December 24, 2005

The Mythbusters Answer Your Questions: Adam and Jamie from the total awesomeness that is Mythbusters finally showed up to answer their questions over at Slashdot. Some good ones, like whether or not they’ve ever been injured in the line of duty.

Adam: Besides a couple of stitch-worthy cuts that I’ve sustained, I’d say the greatest injury has been to my dignity when receiving a rectal thermometer during the “Goldfinger Revisit” myth.



  1. You and Jamie are the king, yours program is verry good. Please send me you and Jamies autograph and any photos.I see the program in every day. Cari is verry pretty.

  2. If you drink lemon juice with braces on will you catch radio waves?

    Travis Campbell North Celta B.C.

  3. adam and jamie, i watch your show whenever possible for me.i am currently persuing my degree in chem.-elec. engineering so i am consistantly asking myself everything possible about situations in general.i had just finished watching your episode on ben franklin’s kite and it was “busted” saying that he would die if he really did that question\comment to you guys is if you ever thought that maybe,being as smart as mr. franklin was,he tied the kite to something else other than keeping it in is own hand?not doubting yous at all, ive thought about a lot of situations like this watching your show.i know yous are very brilliant,so im not trying to belittle you in any way.just figure i’d ask.please respond.thank you.

  4. I’v been watching your show and I was wondering if you add wings to the side of a bike frame and water petals to the side of bike tires make a bike fly?

  5. i have been watching Mythbusters for a time now and what i want to know is this: the scenario is this in action films :a car smashes into another car and explodes in a ball of flames . is this true or false? can the car really explode like that? and that car is not the only one but also the car it collide with burst into flames as well! can you try this and see what really happens with a car wich is not prepared by a filmcrue/technichian?

  6. There has been several accidents here in sweden with cars and trucks recently and the one car and a truck went up in smoke, the truck was loaded with planks!! i would also like to get in contact wih kari by email.

  7. i like your show alot i watch it avary day. can you adam and jamie, roall a car and make it land in a parking plays like on ase ventara when nather calls when ase is going to the park he is drive thraw the grass and he rolles it in a parking plays. from alderto lacayo.saritogaspringes,ut. can you do wat ase did.

  8. Have you guys heard the one about electical shock being first-aid for snake bite. I’m not talking about an AC shock but using the the spark plug wire from your car or boat.

  9. I was told that hot water will not freeze faster than cold water. I asked the experts and the said it would. Have you ever tested it? I got a chart on the net that shows that it can but am told it is wrong. I tried it like it said and the hot water froze first. Can you give me your ideas on this?

  10. my dog got sprayed by a skunk, i have heard that you should use tomatoe juice, i didn’t have any in the house, i had lemon juice, i used it on her and it seemed to help, can you tell me if tomatoe juice is better than lemon juice, i think lemon juice works better.

  11. I’m from guatemala

    i was wondering if a pencil sharpenner can lose his edge, if you blow it directly.

    my friends of school, and my parentes, always say to me that before i get more lead of the pencil with a pencil sharpener, dont blow it.

    excuse me for my english. we don’t practice too much here. lol


  13. Is it true that comments posted to are answered by The Mythbusters? Awesome. And by awesome I mean totally sweet.

    P.S. Bill Gates: Please send me $1M. Thanks.

  14. I was woundering it is true that ninja’s were able to use a powder bomb to escape a the very home of the enemy when spotted in they would use it to escape in less than 5 min?

    P.S. I would really like to see you guys test this MYTH! Good Luck!

  15. I’ve seen your show in regards to being a burgler and using their methods (movies). I don’t recall if you guys tested the myth if there is a suit that will not allow for body heat to escape, setting off a temp sensitive alarm. Also, I understand the concept with the pressure sensitivity of a surface that could set off an alarm but, in Tom Cruise’s first MIP movie, could his sweat really have set off an alarm?

  16. in kill bill 2 when uma thurman bust out of the grave after being buried alive,…question can you do that?

  17. Jamie and Adam my questions to you both is regarding splashes from humans in the 2008 Olympic judging was not right. Being say one woman weighing 69 pounds to say the heavier weighing women competing, would have a much larger visible splash would they not? In high school I can remember mass, volume and velocity varies with size. If the Olympics wish too keep this method of judging than they should go to using a computer, would make a better judge than a human for a more accurate out come. It would be like throwing a small rock into the water verses a large one. Of course the large rock would produce a bigger splash than the small one. A very disgusted fan, the Olympics has turned out to be worse than the cat walk of fashion! The world awaits your response on TV, from Alana Anderson always tuned in from Surrey, B.C. Canada

  18. Hey I can’t find the place to put in myths so heres one. { Can your arm get riped off if you have your arm out of the car window by the force of a semi truck passing?}

  19. If a sealed soda bottle fell into a sewer with raw sewage, would the beverage still be ‘sterile’ and safe to drink once it arrived at the final destination? eeeeeewwww 8-O

    Thanks for your help. We LOVE your show! Keep up the good work!


  20. My friend Greg and I wonder whether ’tis true what they say that a formula 1 or Indy car, with their aerodynamic design features, could actually travel wheels up, upside down, on a road surface.

  21. My friend Greg and I wonder whether ’tis true what they say that a formula 1 or Indy car, with their aerodynamic design features, could actually travel wheels up, upside down, on a road surface.

  22. I was wondering when I was wathing the Dark Night, at the middle batman jumped of the buliding and spread out his batwings and flew aroun could that realy happen.When I was wathing CharlyAngels three girls jumped of a building because,there was a bomb

  23. I was wondering somthing when the movie Dark Night was fin. When Batman jumped off a building he had spread out his batwings and flew around the city, could that be possible,and when I was wathing CharlyAngles three girls jumped off a building.They jumped off the building because, there was a bom when they jumped off they cought some christmas lights and swing to a car could all that be possible.

  24. i have a myth that must be broke the myth is that if you fill a pig with air when the pressure gets really high the pig will exploed making a hole into a wall. this meathod was used in the medieval times when attacking a castle to get in and i was wondering if it can still be done today

  25. hey guys, its an age old question which i’m sure you’ve been asked a lot but i figure if anybody can shine some light on the truth with this one its you guys(and gal of course) but i was wondering how alcohol effects your pain receptors, why the more you drink the less ‘stubbing your toe’ bothers you. ps your show rocks

  26. The scenario: The weather outside is hot and humid. Inside, you have neither A/C, nor a fan. I’ve had a couple people tell me that they would not open the windows, so as to not let the hot air in. This is contrary to my way of thinking. It seems that you would want to open the windows to let in some air and possible breezes. How’s right?

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