Phaeton Assembly Plant

By Deane Barker on December 23, 2005

A photo tour of the Transparent Factory in Dresden: Boing Boing points us to this amazing photographic tour of the factory in Dresden where Volkswagen builds their Phaeton luxury car. Leave it to the Germans to completely transcend the auto factory assembly line and turn it into something more. They’re not kidding when they say these cars are “hand built.”

I have visited the Phaeton assembly plant in Dresden several times, and thoroughly enjoyed each visit. The building and grounds are beautiful, and the whole process of both making and selling Phaetons is totally different than that for any other car in the world.



  1. That is absolutely amazing. A factory that’s cleaner than most office buildings.

    I took my vehicle to Graham Automotive — the local VW dealer — for service a few months back, and was amazed at the service department there; clean as a whistle, all tools in cabinets in the wall, none of the usual clutter you see in an auto shop. Not as clean as the Dresden factory, but clean.

    That theme must be the push from VW corporate to set them apart from other manufacturers/dealers. Very impressive.

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