Dvorak: Microsoft should buy Opera

By Deane Barker on December 22, 2005

Is Opera in Microsoft’s future?: Dvorak says Microsoft should dump IE altogether and buy Opera lock, stock, and barrel.

This week Microsoft announced that it wouldn’t upgrade the Internet Explorer for the Macintosh, leaving that market segment to apparently languish and gravitate towards the Safari browser and Firefox. Microsoft does not give up markets with a whimper. Something is brewing.

[…] Opera Software trades on the Oslo Stock Exchange for around 21 Norwegian Kroner or about $3 a share. Microsoft could buy the whole company for less than $400 million. It paid that much for WebTV and has little to show for it.

Also, if you look at the licensing for Microsoft Internet Explorer, the company may finally get tired of these obtuse arrangements and actually own outright the code base for this important tool. Today’s Internet Explorer is actually a hodge-podge of bought and licensed technologies cobbled together



  1. Ah, it’s reasons like this that I don’t listen to Dvorak.

    Problems with this idea: 1) IE7 is already in the works. If anybody was looking into buying Opera, they wouldn’t even bother with IE7, would they? 2) Unless they can get out of the IE-integration, they have to stick with anyway, so Opera wouldn’t do much good. 3) Opera actually likes things such as standards. I bet somebody at Microsoft will be alerted and run the other way crying.

    Okay, I’m just poking fun with that 3rd comment, but those first two stand.

  2. It seems like it might be a problem for his theorizing that it’s based on why Microsoft would have announced now that it was discontinuing IE/Mac, when in fact it announced that in June 2003, and just now “announced” a reminder that, as they said two and a half years ago, they would discontinue support for it now.

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