CDW’s “View Box”

By on December 21, 2005

I ordered a couple of items from my buddy Ted at CDW yesterday, and went back today to see if my order had shipped. It had, and as usual there was the UPS tracking number. Cool. But next to it was a link with two words — View Box. A click on it brings up a photo of the box with my goodies inside!

My employer has a corporate account with CDW, and this service is part of that account. I don’t think there’s a minimum volume required to set up an account (we certainly don’t buy a lot from them), but they do offer some decent discounts on goods. I’ve seen quoted prices from Ted — our account manager — 10 percent or more off the listed price. But even then, it pays to shop around because 10 percent off the listed price is often higher than some of the other sites. Caveat Emptor.

As for the “View Box” service, I can’t think of any truly practial uses for it right off hand, but its cool factor is way up there.



  1. Marketing gimick. A few years ago I ordered monitors from CDW, one each for myself and one of my business partners. Mine arrived his got lost somehow. They refused to ship anotherone unless I paid for it, so I did. Then when the other monitor did arrive I refused it. Long story short: I had to pull teeth with CDW to get a refund and I have not purchased anything else from them since. I use Newegg or ZipZoomFly and Amazon.

  2. I don’t think I’d call it a marketing gimick; for that to be true they’d be pitching this to draw in new & repeat customers. This was probably the result of some internal brainstorm & they’re just testing the waters to see how it works out and how customers use it.

    As for your shipping experience, I had something similar happen, but the way it was explained made perfect sense; in my case it was several large items that ended up shipping separately and one package — a monitor — didn’t show up. Their records showed that they shipped what was ordered, and they had an acknowledgement from the shipper. They can’t be held responsible for something the shipper screwed up, and be expected to send out a second unit with nobody paying for it. I had a replacement sent out, then I got things squared away with the shipper. When the original one was tracked down (a week after the replacement showed up) it went back to CDW, who promptly credited me for the returned item.

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