Performancing for Firefox

By Deane Barker on December 21, 2005

HOW TO: Using Performancing for Firefox: Performancing is a great blog with a really terrible name.  I mean…performancing?  What does that mean?

No matter — it’s a top-notch piece of work.  It’s a blog about blogging, and they have great content.

And now they happen to have the most insanely cool Firefox extension I’ve ever seen, and I don’t say that lightly.

“Performacing for Firefox” (there’s that name again…) is a rich client for your blog (XML-RPC-ish) that’s built into Firefox.  Click the icon in the status bar, and the entire lower half of your browser window becomes an entry editor.

I’m writing in it right now — it’s amazing.  It’s so…polished.  They thought of everything, and there don’t appear to be any rough edges — it performances well.  Nicely done.

Now get a better name.

Update: I can’t see any way to add keywords or excerpts to posts.  It seems that it just does the text field, which is a drag.



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