WordPress on Yahoo

By Deane Barker on December 20, 2005

WordPress on Yahoo: As if Movable Type on Yahoo! wasn’t enough, now you can have WordPress pre-installed.

When we started, Yahoo asked “What would the perfect blog host do?” and their team has been really amazing in executing on a really kick-ass platform for serious bloggers. It took a little while, but slow cooking makes good eating.

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  1. Yahoo’s customer tech support is the worst. They advertise the use of WordPress on their website, but it’s not even available. Then, when you go ask their tech support what the deal is, you’re given the run around and told I’m sorry sir we haven’t been trained on that yet. I mean, why advertise something you don’t even offer. If you’re into getting unanswered questions and wasting all your precious time, I say go with Yahoo…They’re good at that.

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