Star Trek Coming to G4?

By Deane Barker on December 19, 2005

G4 network grabs ‘Star Trek’: G4 is making a play for Star Trek.

The Comcast-owned cable network is close to acquiring the syndication rights to the original “Star Trek” and one of its spinoffs, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” from Paramount Domestic Television, sources said.

Later in the article:

Sources also suggest that “Trek” will be part of a Comcast effort next year to reposition the channel brand of G4, which struggled to establish itself as the TV home for video gamers, in a broader play for young male viewers. A name change also is being considered.

Is the idea of a video game channel officially over, then? I still haven’t forgiven them for abandoning TechTV.

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  1. I’m with you on Tech TV. It was always something to watch if nothing else was on and sually entertaining. If G4 is still on the air, its news to me. Thanks to Paul Allen for building something good and then screwing it up when he got bored. Geek.

  2. I will never forgive them for ruining TechTV. I have not let that channel on my TV screen since then EXCEPT to watch C4H, because everybody loves Leo.

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