DVR Recording to Count in Nielsen Ratings

By Deane Barker on December 18, 2005

Nielsen will include DVR use in ratings: Tivo gets mad props from Nielsen.

Starting next week, the company that measures what people watch on television will also follow what they record on DVRs to watch later.

[…] with the help of a code embedded in a program by the television networks, they can tell when something that has been recorded is actually watched. They even know when people fast-forward through commercials.



  1. you have to peep in on people watchers to keep your ratings up, i cannot imagine the things we know nothing about. and with an imagination like mind you do not want to know. and i thought “stay tuned” was just another imaginary imagination. who would have thunk it , yes thunk it. they should tear your paycheck into pieces like they do mine. for bad behavior and bad tv programming.

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