Django: Rails for Python

By Deane Barker on December 15, 2005

Django | The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines: This framework has been around for a while, so maybe Rails is “Django for Ruby”?

Developed and used over the past two years by a fast-moving online-news operation, Django was designed from scratch to handle two challenges: the intensive deadlines of a newsroom and the stringent requirements of experienced Web developers. It has convenient niceties for developing content-management systems, but it’s an excellent tool for building any Web site.

The admin interfaces are gorgeously clean. See this page for some examples.



  1. For a comparison of Django and Rails, you can’t do better than Snakes and Rubies, a recent event here in Chicago. It featured presentations by Adrian Holovaty (Django co-creator) and David Hansson (Rails creator), then a Q&A session with both of them. While waiting for the audio and video to be posted there, the Django blog has a list of blog postings about it where most writers summed up what they saw as the difference.

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