By Deane Barker on December 15, 2005

Rumor: Google to buy Opera, according to Yahoo Europe president: Um, whoa, assuming it’s true.

Pierre Chappaz, the former president of Yahoo Europe, claims to have a source, whom he says is generally very well informed, who told him that Google is planning on buying the Opera web browser.

Via Slashdot.



  1. Ok. That came out wrong.

    I dont mean squash in the microsoft sense. I mean google have avery loyal following and if they were to compete in the browser market (an unlikely move really), would fans drop firefox and move to google?

  2. opera is a great browser, (better then firefox… in my opinion).
    sadly though, it hasent recived very much atension, they have recently done stuff like, have free serial code days. and now they have gone as far to to give the version without banners for free. i belive google sees this weakness, and this great product, and is going to pounce on it. of course, they will market the crap out of it. and it will become…

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