EV Confidential

By on December 15, 2005

I have always said that oil companies are why we don’t have really good alternative fuels for cars.

EV Confidential is a documentary/murder mystery investigating the demise of an automobile that never made it to the US market, despite being fast, reliable, easy to recharge and zero emissions. The movie debuts at Sundance next month, before a release in ‘06 by Sony Pictures Classics.

I will be very interested in seeing this video.

Via the always awesome We Make Money Not Art.



  1. I was walking down the street the other day when a black Hummer with dark tinted glass pulled up next to me. Two big guys jumped out and threw me inside. They took me to a gas station, locked me in the back room, and tortured me for hours.

    They kept saying, “You too good to drive a car somewhere? It’s gonna be pretty hard to walk with two broken legs, isn’t it Nike Boy? We’re gonna take the oil you saved and shove it down your green, I-don’t-like-the-greenhouse-effect throat.”

    They’re brutal, I tell you.

  2. Same guys came after me when I was on my mountain bike. Luckily for me, they were out of shape from driving everywhere and couldn’t catch me.

  3. Same guys caught me collecting hydrogen with my butterfly net for my fuel cell car and made me use it to hydrogenate some soybean oil instead.

  4. hi. the film was accepted to Sundance and premieres there next week on Monday. the name is changed and now it’s call Who Killed the Electric Car?

    check it out and support us!


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