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By Deane Barker on December 15, 2005

Crap Filter: Entertainment news, reviews and commentary: This blog does something I like — it has “feature” links at the top of the home page to link to “major” posts (“important” posts? — don’t know how to phrase that). These are posts that are getting a lot of traffic and a lot of comments.

It’s a nice idea. We’ve talked before about the transitory nature of blogs — there’s a huge stampede down the front page and stuff just keeps dropping. So how do you keep some posts from not drowning in the flood?

What This Links To


  1. I’ve been doing this on eHomeUpgrade since the site launched in 2003. I think everyone likes it because it keeps the most active stories front and center — even while fresh new is continuously posted.

    I’ve also seen other site just put text links in their sidebars that show the most active (or most commented on) stories of the day. This also works well.

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