DNA 11: Your Genes as Art

By Deane Barker on December 13, 2005

dna 11: Is nothing sacred?

DNA 11 creates abstract art from a sample of your DNA. Each custom art piece is as original as you are and is created on the highest quality canvas.



  1. Nice art, but way too expensive!. There’s an alternative that offers
    you highest quality, lowest prices and maximum flexibility. The
    company GENEPORTRAIT Unique Personalized DNA-Art Genetic Portraits creates beautiful and scientifically-solid genetic portraits from a sample of your own DNA. They can include multiple individuals (people/pets) in one single portrait which makes the experience much less expensive and more meaningful: You can directly compare your fingerprint with your loved ones’ (family members, couple, pets, friends), generating both a unique sense of closeness and individuality. The artwork is delivered on CD giving you total freedom of choice to handle your work of art and save money in overall costs. Furthermore, you will preserve your DNA-art portrait for a lifetime.

  2. And yes…I realize we just copied DNA 11 but I don’t care we’re in this to make money not art. So what if we only run two lane expiraments that are virtually meaningless! It keeps our costs down…more money for us!

  3. The two comments above seem to be from the same person, but the second portrays the first in an awfully negative light. The two IPs from which the comments originated are very different.

    Draw your own conclusions.

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