No Ordinary Microwave Oven

By on December 9, 2005

In reading one of my favorite magazines, This Old House, I came across the BEYOND MICROWAVE OVEN from Salton. What sets this microwave apart is that you can scan the UPC code on whatever you want to prepare and it knows how to cook it. It is preprogrammed with over 4,000 UPC codes and you can program in your own if the barcode of what you are making is not found.

This microwave is part of a line of products

The home appliances of the 21st century are here- Smart devices that simplify, automate and inform. With the hectic pace of today’s busy lifestyles, Salton brings you Beyond, connected products that give you more time to do the things that truly matter in life.



  1. Along those lines… I thought my cousin’s oven was impressive. It will cook your meal at a specified time and if you’re not home to eat, the oven turns into a refrigerator and keeps it cold until you get home to reheat it.

  2. UPC Codes are obsolete. RFID (Radio Frquency Identification Tags) will be the method used for the scanning without actually having to scan the package yourself. The oven will do the scan the RFID tag for you and the oven will do the rest just like this oven does. Although there are issues about privacy with RFID tags but we’ll see where this goes…

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