BSA vs. The Pirates

By Deane Barker on December 9, 2005

Software Pirates Fined $500K: An interesting article about how the Business Software Alliance goes after companies suspected of having pirated softwatre on their networks.

Mountain High Resort, a winter resort located in Wrightwood, California, paid $79,766.20 in fines, while NovaLogic, a gaming developer in Calabasas, California, paid BSA $153,500. RIA Financial, a money transfer company with offices in Cerrito, California, paid BSA $130,000 after an audit revealed that it had unlicensed Microsoft software programs.

BSA said most investigations begin with a call to its hotline or with a report made through its web site. BSA’s attorneys then contact the organizations, who usually cooperate and conduct audits.

“Mostly, a current or a former employee will contact us to tell us about piracy violations in the company,” said Ms. Blank.



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