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By on December 9, 2005

I don’t know if this is cheesier than it is creepy or the other way round. SitePal can set you up with a speaking animated character for your website “to enrich the user experience and increase sales.” Well, maybe with some clientele…

On the SitePal website you can fire up a demo. In it you can choose from lots of variations for your host; different male or female faces (even Santa Claus!) variations in age, skin and hair color, background, etc… You can even set up a custom voice demo using text to speech, right in the browser. The demo — and the pay-for version — is a Flash animation that has a huge amount of customization options.

The demo is a fun toy to play with, but I really don’t see the value of paying for one of these things and putting it on a website. I saw one for the first time on a site I visited tonight & for what little it did it’s hard to believe that somebody actually spent money on it.



  1. Hi Gadgetopia

    Interesting thoughts on SitePal. Of course we are all allowed to have an opinion, but if you ask one of their 4000 customers I think they would tell you differently. Also, you are advertising the Lenovo laptop (IBM ThinkPad) on your site. A good protion of that promotion was developed using avatar technology that was developed by Oddcast (the people that bring you SitePal). Other clients include Coca Cola, ESPN, CBS Sportsline, Chrysler, Ford, McDonalds, Wells Fargo, Cisco… There is a lot of data that proves these characters are very effective in delivering key messages and driving sales. Hit me with an email and I will be glad to send you some case studies. Michael (michael@larkinvolpatt.com).

  2. I think it is wrong for sitepal to charge that anont for the use of sitepals

    we as a church just do not have the funds

    they should have a single one for none profit Churches like us to us for free

    Fr Mark

  3. We just launched NOAH, the next generation of web-based talking animated character technology. NOAH will allow the web site to present a much higher engagement and interactivity opportunity to the user as compared to the other web based solutions. Our system also does not need constant connectivity to the internet so it is very useful in CD based and E-Learning projects. You can see NOAH in action at http://noahx.com.

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