By Deane Barker on December 8, 2005

FileZilla Homepage: I may be a little late to this party, but it’s worth mentioning that FileZilla is a great little FTP client.

I’ve used WS_FTP for years — since version 3 or something. On two occasions, I’ve discussed the insane bloat that WS_FTP is going through. They’re on version 9 and they’re really struggling to find new features to add.

FileZilla is the anti-WS_FTP. It doesn’t do much, and that’s its strength. It has a simple interface, and it transfers files reliably. It’s tough to ask for more than that.

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  1. I have been using FileZilla for over a year now at the recommendation of our own Joe. You should listen him.

  2. I also quite enjoyed SmartFTP, but I found that it would crash a lot on me when doing threaded queued uploads or downloads with lots of small documents (like a site based on a big PHP framework). It would work fine in single-thread mode, but then things would take hours.

    We use a lot more SFTP than we do FTP anymore, and I’ve found that WinSCP does an exceptional job with that.

  3. Well, SmartFTP technically isn’t free. It will keep bugging you to buy it. And it was really buggy for me. It kept crashing.

    I so wish that WinSCP did regular FTP. It’s better than any other client for letting you open remote files in an editor, then sensing the save of those files, and pushing the result back to the server automatically.

    WS_FTP was flat horrible at this, often just telling me, “Hey man, I’m not gonna be able to see when you change that file, so upload it yourself.” I expected a lot more for for $89.

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