Live-Shot Paintball Hunt

By on December 7, 2005

Remember our conversation a while ago about Well, they’re still at it, and expanding their business model a bit. Now on you can control a paintball gun and take potshots at people on the other side of your Internet connection.

Get Ready to Blast Away at our LIVE Human Targets Trying to Avoid the Wrath of 200mph Paintballs!
Choose Your Scenario. Pick Your Paintball Gun.
Select the Color of Paintballs. Then, as Fast as You can Click a Button, Rapid-Fire the Paintball Gun!
It’s as Easy as Playing Your Favorite Video Games!

If the promo video is to be believed, they’ve got scantilly clad women ready to run around in front of the camera/marker.

Somehow I think the whole paintball thing wouldn’t be the same without the fear of getting shot yourself.

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  1. Deane, you underestimate the sheer number of id10ts who like the idea of shooting people and don’t believe in giving the other guy a chance to shoot back – indeed, they prefer their victims unarmed. Paintball, bullets – doesn’t matter to some folks; after all, to those raised in the videogame culture, “what’s the difference? A target is a target is a target, and the weapon is what I use to service targets.”

  2. Way to show your ignorance. I play some of the most violent video games you can find, and I have no desire to shoot anyone. I don’t even hunt. Most people know the difference, and those who don’t have a problem far before the video game graced their eyes.

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