How to Deal with Network Hogs

By Deane Barker on December 7, 2005

How to stop filesharers from stealing hotel bandwidth: This guy was staying at a hotel, and someone was sucking up all the bandwidth on the network with a P2P app. He found an inventive way to get him off.

I notice that his IP in the ntop interface changed into a name. His windows machine was spewing Netbios packets with his computer name in it. For the sake of his privacy, I’ve changed the name, but let’s say it was “smith-laptop”.

So I pick up my cellphone and call the front desk at the hotel and as for Mr. Smith’s room. The lady at the front desk says “Eric Smith?” And I tell her yes. The phone rings, someone picks up, the conversation goes like this…

I don’t think that guy will ever file share again.