Nielsen Rips on Ajax

By Deane Barker on December 7, 2005

Note: I got scammed here. See the comments.

Ajax Sucks Most of the Time: Surprise — he hates it.

Ajax breaks the unified model of the Web and introduce a new way of looking at data that has not been well integrated into the other aspects of the Web. With ajax, the user’s view of information on the screen is now determined by a sequence of navigation actions rather than a single navigation action.

When is it okay to use it? He provides these examples, which are actually a pretty funny joke:

If you are working in a Web2.0 company that needs to provide evidence of their technical expertise in order to gain new clients. However, you must remember to keep your offering in beta and make sure that it in the same family as these examples:

  • geotag-based apps via flash
  • tag-based instant messaging via Ruby on Rails
  • community podcasts via api mashups


  1. At the bottom of the above-linked page:

    “This is a spoof article. Please compare it with the original and you will see how little it has been changed.

    Constructed by Chris McEvoy with apologies to Jakob Nielsen. “

    original article was “Frames Suck”

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