The LEGO Church

By on December 6, 2005

My sister-in-law sent an e-mail to us today with photos & stats about a scale model church building made entirely out of LEGO’s (even populated with 622 LEGO people.) I did a quick Google search & found a lot more photos of that project. If you’ve ever messed around with LEGO’s, you’ve got to at least browse through these photos; it’s really amazing.

The scary thing is that the church thing only scratches the surface; some people have it really, really bad and form LEGO User Groups. They apparently go hog wild with their LEGO obsession and build incredibly elaborate sets for shows. I guess it beats drinking or gambling to excess.

Note: The LEGO Church project did hit SlashDot a few years back, but I hadn’t seen it before & thought it worthy of another go-round. It’s still pretty incredible.



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