Dabble DB

By Deane Barker on December 5, 2005

A look at Dabble DB: Solution Watch gives us a good review of a somewhat brilliant-looking app called Dabble DB. Think phpMyAdmin with a better user interface, maybe like Sharepoint’s list feature.

Dabble DB is a powerful web-based system that lets you store and manage just about any kind of information and share it over the web. The way it works is much like a Database Management System, such as phpMyAdmin, except a whole lot more inviting and user-friendly because of the easy to use structure, beautiful user interface, and the use of terms that the average person can understand.

It looks extremely well-done — now can we power a Web site from that data? Wouldn’t that be cool?

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  1. Hey, thanks for the link. As for powering a website through it, I was thinking the same exact thing. I mean, it shouldn’t be difficult because you can export your data as an RSS. Just create a site that parses the feed and bingo. You’ve got yourself a blog or what ever you want through the use of Dabble. I am not sure if it is possible, but it sounds very likely that you can because you can subscribe to the RSS feeds and they appear to be permanent with no required login.

  2. I reviewed a book about phpMyAdmin once. Subsequent to that, I got into a long discussion with the publishers about whether or not you could make phpMyAdmin the official admin side for a Web site, and use it as generalized content management.

    The concensus was that you couldn’t, simply because the interface is too cluttered and it doesn’t have any connection to the MySQL security model — it shows you everything, whether or not you have access to it or not.

    But I always thought that if someone cleaned up the interface a bit and had it only show what could and couldn’t be done in a database, then you’d really have something.

    I still believe that all the fancy object-oriented database modeling in the world is just a way to create a generalized relational database structure. Tables, rows, fields — this is how data exists in our heads, and all the content management systems in the world are just trying to replicate it. (See this post, then the ensuing argument with Fabian.)

    I don’t know if this is what Dabble DB is doing or not, but the fact remains that it allows you to define your own data model, then store it, and that’s all I’ve ever really asked for from content management.

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