Crashing the Blog Party

By Deane Barker on November 18, 2002

Here’s a good article from the LA Times (this link is bad as July 2003) about the…subversion of the blog culture by traditional journalists. Consider:

“Recently, there have been unmistakable signs that blogs are seeping into the popular consciousness. In July, for instance, New York Times language watcher William Safire wrote a column on the use of the word ‘blog,’ noting that the term came into vogue three years ago. ‘Blog’ also is under consideration as a new entry in no less an authority than the Oxford English Dictionary.

This fall, UC Berkeley is offering a class on Web logs for the first time—through its highly regarded Graduate School of Journalism. Since spring 2000, journalism students at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication have produced a Web log. This semester, at Cal State Stanislaus, an assistant communications professor is teaching an undergraduate class on the history of journalism that will cover ‘blogs as a new journalistic form.’”