The Apple iWipe

By on December 2, 2005

At last, a good use for that crappy (pardon the pun) SE or Classic cluttering up your closet.

(But for heaven’s sake, don’t even think of doing this to a working machine!)



  1. Gosh, Dave, my finger slipped and you no longer have file upload rights. I’ll give them back to you when you promise to behave. :-)

  2. Please let me have my upload rights back. I promise I’ll behave properly, honest. Don’t make me beg!

    Guess I gotta get up purty darn early to get one past ol’ Deane.

  3. Coming soon to a stall near you – The Atari Rollmaster, The CoCo Rollsaver, the C-64 Rollinator and, last but not least, the Wintel Roll86

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