Wells Fargo and Second Life

By Deane Barker on December 2, 2005

Wells Fargo launches game inside ‘Second Life’: This is a few months old, but looks interesting. Video games to teach real-world skills? I wonder how it will play out.

In an innovative new marketing effort, Wells Fargo Bank has launched a pilot of an online multiplayer video game built entirely inside another virtual world: Linden Lab’s “Second Life.”

The pilot project, known as Stagecoach Island, is a digital environment intended to help young people learn financial responsibility. Visitors there can skydive, fly hovercrafts, dance and shop. But woven into the experience, to which Wells Fargo has been inviting groups of people in San Diego and Austin, Texas, is a series of financial messages intended to help them learn something about money management.

Via Jon Udell, who has more to say about Second Life today.