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By on December 1, 2005

Drew McClellan has put up a sort of advent calendar for web nerds, releasing 24 short web development articles this month, one per day, with an eye towards teaching you neat stuff that you may not already know.

Each day from now until 24th December, we’ll be publishing a new short article or tip designed to teach you something that perhaps you didn’t know, and in turn can share with your friends. It’s a holiday thing – share the lovin’.

Many years ago, my friend Massimo Foti urged me to learn about regular expressions – “Learn regexp and impress your friends!” he used to say. I always liked that notion. There’s a lot of fun to be had in learning something that will impress those you work with – especially if then you can share what you know to everyone’s benefit. Impressing your friends is a great thing to strive for.

His first one is on Prototype, which is one of the key bits of fuel stoking the fires of the AJAX trend. If you are doing web work, and you haven’t used prototype and/or scriptaculous yet, you’re missing out, and this is a nice little article to get you up to speed.

The site’s a little slow right now (digg got hold of it), so it may require some patience.