Advertising Money

By on November 30, 2005

I hate to sound like a shill for one of our advertisers, but that Home Depot ad has been there for a couple weeks now, and I never clicked it. What’s the content of the ad? “Home Depot”. There’s a message for you. Thanks, I forgot that Home Depot existed.

I imagine that they’re advertising with us because they want people to buy Dad’s Christmas presents there. Out of curiosity, I clicked the ad tonight.

What to they have on the front page? Home security, wire-in networking products, and a phone with a video intercom. Geek nirvana! They’ve got awesome stuff over there, and all they’re advertising over here is, “Hey, guy. Home Depot, you know?”

My guess is that they’ll have a pretty poor click-through from our site because they just ran a logo instead of telling us what they already know to tell us at their own site. Even though it costs money to make new graphics, it probably costs even more money to just use what you have laying around.

I now heartily await for everyone to accuse me of rolling over for The Man.



  1. Yeah, you look at a link like that and you think it’s just going to go to Home Depot’s front page, but it actually deep links to a geek-ish page. They should have been a little more explicit.

  2. Hey, you! You are soooo rolling over for the man. Not only that you are “playing dead” and “go fetch” too. Naughty.

    We’ll you did say you we’re heartily awaiting it.

  3. Agreed. I never really thought to click it either for the same reason. Home Depot…shrug…I’m a homeowner, I spend enough money there already.

    Shill or not, it worked though. I clicked it.

  4. You are soooo rolling over for the man.

    Am Not! Although I did hear that applying for a Citi Card makes you 10% better looking, and temporarily grants you the power of invincibility. That’s just what I heard.

  5. Although I did hear that applying for a Citi Card makes you 10% better looking, and temporarily grants you the power of invincibility.

    But only if you’re walking through Home Depot at the time watching a WebEx on your Palm while carrying a Wall Street Journal on your way to the Hitachi store (note: some campaigns are upcoming…but that really has nothing to do with it…).

  6. Home Depot is a heavy contributor to the Republican Party

    Thanks for the tip! I’m going to click the hell out of it now.

  7. I always find it funny that for some people everything comes down to political affiliation.

    Home Depot’s political contributions don’t draw me there than Costco’s contributions keep me away. I have more practical reasons for shopping at one place versus another. I guess I just don’t understand the mindset….what would drive someone to consider political party affiliations before making decisions like that. Seems silly to me. There are scumbags on both sides…whichever side your money goes to, some of it is going to someone that belongs in jail.

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