By Deane Barker on November 30, 2005

Blog Stats Software Reviews – MeasureMap: Adaptive Path (who have one of the most perfect Web site designs ever) is apparently working on a stats package called MeasureMap.

You might think it a little unfair comparing a preview version of a system against the mature software in these reviews. Thing is MeasureMap doesn’t feel like a product that is under development. While the stats are a little lagged and the display is a little buggy in explorer, it seems pretty complete.

It’s specific to blogs — it tracks things like number of posts, number of comments, etc.

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  1. I definitely have to agree: their website is sooo pretty. Although I find some of the green website colors too bright for my poor sensitive eyes.

  2. It’s a very nice stats program (I got a preview invite) It uses a lot of AJAX for displaying the stats, which is nice, but the really sweet thing is that the code you place on your pages is specific to each blogging program, so because I use WordPress, it gave me some php & javascript to paste in, which allows MeasureMap to not only know who’s visiting what pages, what what the posts that it’s visiting are called and the details of commenters to the post.

    It’s a very different approach to other stats packages, and I think it works nicely. The only criticism I have of it is that it only tracks posts, it doesn’t seem to have a way to track separate pages as opposed to posts. But that’s not really a big issue for most bloggers, and there are other stats packages available too.

    I find that I end up using a combination of Google Analytics, Measure Map and the Apache stats (awstats) to get a decent picture of my site’s usage.

  3. I have to cast a vote against on the site design. It’s pretty, but usability wise, it could stand some improvement.

    My first thought: Who are these guys and what do they do? They knew they had to answer that, so they put this:

    We help businesses maximize the value of their investment in product development by crafting effective user experiences with an emphasis on measurable results.

    Thanks, that explains it. Put the marketing dude away. It is pretty, though.

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