Ruby in a Browser

By Deane Barker on November 28, 2005

try ruby! (in your browser): An interactive Ruby shell in your browser. I tried it and it seems like it uses Ajax to round trip to a server, where it must run the commands. How does it maintain state between requests?

You can type “help” for a short tutorial. This means you could know the basics of Ruby 15 minutes from right now. Seriously — go do it. Via O’Reilly Radar.



  1. but irb provides the same functionality locally.

    Yes, but you have to install it. The whole idea here is that you can learn Ruby without doing much of anything.

  2. I went. I tried. I liked. I then went to Amazon and bought Agile Web Development with Rails and Programming Ruby – Deane, you better not add any new languages to your repertoire anytime soon, or I’ll go broke buying resources :)

  3. Programming Rub is the best book I”ve ever read on programming a particular language. It’s extremely well-written.

    Ruby is a great language, and Rails is a fantastic Web framework. Put them together and you have something amazing.

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