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By Deane Barker on November 28, 2005

Xinha Here! – All Releases: Your content management system doesn’t have WYSIWYG? No problem — here’s a Firefox extension to make any textarea a WYSIWYG HTML editor on-demand.

Xinha Here! is a wrapper for the Xinha HTML editor that enables WYSIWYG editing in any HTML textarea and text input elements. Xinha Here! opens Xinha editor on the client side. This allows you to edit the field data in a WYSIWYG editor on any website without coping and pasting to a secondary editor. To use Xinha Here! simply select Xinha Here! from the context menu of the desired textarea or text input element.

It actually pops up a new window with the editor, and there’s a button to “push” all your HTML back to the original window. Seems like a good way of doing it.



  1. Wow, I love this. Your comments may never look the same if your readers (at least the Firefox ones) start using this. This is the perfect solution for many of my forms where I know the users and can easily direct them to this extension.

    I like the way it will load the current textarea data if there is any.

    Thanks for the link,


  2. I just installed this (yes, I posted without actually trying it).  It really is well-done — both the editor itself and the inplementation.

    The only hiccup is that is requires an app to take raw HTML from a textarea and spit it back out no filtering, which is extremely rare the days, with all the cross-site scripting going on.

  3. Well, if you install Firefox 1.5, (like I did last night / this morning) you’ll get the sad awakening that neither Xinha nor Tabinta (which I’d fallen in love with) work in the newest version of our favorite browser yet. 1.5 is nice – but I hated losing the functionality (even if it is temporary!)

  4. I’m thinking it won’t be too long and the fix will be out, but man! Tabinta (which, thank you very much, I read about here first) is such a timesaver!

  5. Well, there is a Firefox 1.5 version. Unfortunately the website take a very long time to post new extensions. For now you can visit the developers (me) website and get the latest version.

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