eZ Components

By Deane Barker on November 27, 2005

eZ components: New competition for Zend PHP Framework: eZ Systems, makers of the ultra-awesome CMS eZ Publish, are expanding their offerings to include PHP components for general (non-CMS) use. This article at SitePoint opines that this is in direct competition to what Zend and Oracle are trying to do.

While Zend is enjoying the attention in the PHP world, eZ systems determinedly worked on a very similar project called eZ components, of which a first beta version is to be released tomorrow Monday.

I can tell you that eZ Publish is the most well-written PHP code I’ve ever seen. It’s almost too well-written in places — they wrap every possible thing in a class. Joe and I grepped a fresh set of install files once and found over 400 classes among 3,000-some-odd files.

For more about the awesomeness that is eZ Publish, read this post.

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