Reusing Data Fields in MT

By Deane Barker on July 15, 2003

A Whole Lotta Features: This is a good tutorial on how to run an entire site from MT, but it runs into a problem that I’ve written about before.

“…and you’ll have to limit any site to six different types of information, but it should be clear that for a lot of websites it’s all the complexity you need. Anything you want to keep track of online that is limited to several properties can be handled by MT.”

One of the biggest things Six Apart could do that would bust MT wide-open for an enourmous amount of uses, would be to add five or ten user-defined fields and let you define the label on those fields. Better yet, define the label based on the primary category the entry is in. So for something assigned to “Books,” the first user-defined field would be “ISBN,” but for something assigned to “Movies,” the label on that same field would be “Director.”

I broached this same topic with Joel over at Fog Creek Software about CityDesk. They have four (I think) user-defined fields in their product. This is good, but ten would be better.

This isn’t as good as having a totally open system, but it’s simpler and would make a world of difference.