“Profiteering and Lunacy”

By Deane Barker on November 15, 2005

Firm fights to sell moon real estate: Provided they got the transportation part figured out, I bet mineral rights on the moon would be quite valuable.

A Chinese company is fighting for the right to pitch plots of land on the moon for sale after authorities shut the scheme down on charges of profiteering and lunacy.

[…] Just under 300 yuan ($37) was all it cost to buy a deed promising rights to one acre of dusty lunar soil and any minerals up to two miles underground until the company was accused of illegal speculation and profiteering.



  1. Sure enough, the moon has a lot of stuff in it:

    The lunar crust is composed of a variety of primary elements, including uranium, thorium, potassium, oxygen, silicon, magnesium, iron, titanium, calcium, aluminum and hydrogen. When bombarded by cosmic rays, each element bounces back into space its own radiation, in the form of gamma rays. Some elements, such as uranium, thorium and potassium, are radioactive and emit gamma rays on their own. However, regardless of what causes them, gamma rays for each element are all different from one another — each produces a unique spectral “signature”, detectable by a spectrometer.

    From Wikipedia.

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