“Who Controls the Internet?” Summary

By Deane Barker on November 14, 2005

World wants more say in control of World Wide Web: Here’s a good summary of the whole “who controls the Internet” issue that’s making noise. Did you know it started with porn? More specifically, with the approval of the proposed “.xxx” TLD:

It wasn’t a moral judgment. ICANN’s job is to decide whether a domain meets technical standards, not whether it’s a good idea, CEO Paul Twomey says.

Still, the move drew howls of protest from many conservative groups, including the powerful Family Research Council. They said .xxx would legitimize porn — even though others argued it would make porn easier to filter out.

The council asked conservatives to write letters to the Department of Commerce.

After receiving almost 6,000, Assistant Commerce Secretary Michael Gallagher wrote his own letter, asking ICANN to delay approval of .xxx.

ICANN did — sparking a protest of a different type.

If you’re only vaguely aware of what’s going on with this, this article is a good starter.



  1. Let me just make this crystal clear, I don’t know who owns or controls the Internet as a whole, but I make no qualms of being the benevolent despot ruling over the Christian blogosphere — so shape up or I’ll have to come down off my high horse thrash your googlerank.

    Yes, I know hard … but fair!

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