Tabs in Textareas

By Deane Barker on November 12, 2005

One of the greatest things that causes me distress is that I cannot insert a tab in a TEXTAREA field. Of all the things we can do online, why can we do this? A tab, in a textarea. Why is this so hard? This has caused me stress for years.

Someone please tell me that this problem has been solved. And if not, why not?



  1. @Deane: Can’t you do something like that in Greasemonkey? I don’t know the extent of how it works, but I know that it uses javascript scripts, so you probably could.

  2. I too hate this issue. “Tab in TA” is a Firefox plugin I came across that lets you tab in text areas. I believe you can even turn it off of certain text areas if it interferes. For example I don’t want real tabs in the address area on gmail. Very good extension.

  3. Brandon: excellent plugin. Does exactly what I wanted. You can even turn it off and on via right-click, so tab will insert a tab when you want, and shift focus all other times.

    Excellent. Now find me syntax highlighting… :-)

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