Dumb Pirates

By on November 5, 2005

Yes, there really are pirates in 2005, and not just the ones that steal software. I heard a news report today that pirates in speedboats attacked a cruise ship off the coast of Somalia. None of the passengers were injured, and the bad guys ran off scared & empty handed.

The crew used an on-board loud acoustic bang to fight off the attackers, leading them to believe they were under heavy fire.

If the bad guys had known, it could’a been bad. No word on whether the cruise ship was actually armed with real weapons.

Apparently, piracy carried out by Somali warlords has become a serious issue in that area. 23 ships — mostly tankers & cargo ships — have been attacked since March, 2005, and some of the attacks haven’t had as happy an ending as today’s incedent. Early last month the MV Torgelow was hijacked; the ship and 10 crew members have yet to be released by the bad guys.

Seems to me that a good way to keep this sort of thing from happening is to trick out a few ships with some serious firepower, and blow big holes in a few of the attackers boats. Word would get around right quick that the pickins ain’t quite so easy anymore.

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  1. Okay and then you’d equip a few more boats with higher firepower to keep the ones you’ve just equipped in line, then a few cruisers with torpedos to keep THEM in line, and next thing you have a new arms race happening…

  2. The International Maritime Bureau indicated it opposes shipping firms using private security forces to escort commercial vessels through the strait, saying such moves …will raise the level of arms used by both sides and make these waters an even more dangerous place….

    More here and here.

  3. Ted that would be true if the cruise ships disclosed what arms they kept onboard and used to sink those stupid idiots. They don’t need guns really anyway. Dingy vs Cruise Ship, Cruise ships turns into the dingy and the dingy goes under the ship and becomes wood chips along with its occupents.

  4. You’d definitely not want the bad guys to know what arms a ship was carrying. Take for example the cruise ship that was attacked yesterday; they apparently didn’t fire a single live round, but the pirates didn’t know that. All it took was for the victim to put up a show of force and the aggressors backed down. If the bad guys don’t know whether their potential victim is going to shoot back they’ll think twice about attacking at all.

  5. This made the ‘Colbert Report’ tonight.

    “Just because you haven’t heard of pirates in a while, that doesn’t mean that they’re not out there, ruining shrimp buffets.”

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