Meals Ready For E-Bay?

By on November 3, 2005

With all of the people displaced by the hurricane activity this year, Uncle Sam has been working hard to keep people housed & fed, but it seems that some are trying to take advantage of the situation.

It seems that a lot of the MRE’s (Meal, Ready to Eat) that were handed out in the wake of the storms have found their way onto the eBay auction block instead of people’s stomachs. This news has of course prompted an investigation to find out whether any wrongdoing has been done.

Having once lived on a diet of MRE’s for longer than I care to remember, I sure don’t know why people would be willing to pay good money for that stuff. But then again, people have paid much more for much stranger food items on E-Bay.

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  1. To all, That is just straight up stupid 12 meals at u.s.d$60 a box no wonder our u.s. national debt is so high, canned food is as safe and alot cheaper but then again i am not the man thank god who would want a whole bunch of people pissed off at me while i just fly around in my personal jet and look like a dumbass i mean the man has a speech writter and he still sounds stupid i mean come on people wake up i guess that shows how many dumbass there are out there right now screwing up everything, however if i did have a speech writter my spelling and punctuation not tomention my run on sentances but hey atleast i have a job and i can say we have been hiring for about 6 months now and no one i mean no one from the hurricane came over and asked for a job application all they wanted was free hand outs and rejected 3 ships assigned to them cruiseships all paid for them and said no on the news there are katrina survivors getting evicted this month and i can see big screen t.v.s nice furniture and they are crying saying i don’t know what i am going to pawn your shit !!! do it!!! when your apartment looks better than mine with its facilities just take a deep breath grab a gun and do us a favor try not to mis your selfish brain i mean bullets are dirt cheap less than a $ 2000 dollar credit card (just kidding) I think the french have a saying Thats life right so shut up and get a job > i mean i would love to have 2000 $ meant for good intneion like rent and food but instead i see them carry on with beer and even on the news when the storm hit reportes said that there where parties going on so i mean it all comes down to REALLY STUPID PEOPLE on NOAA on the 23rd of that month they had an inkling of a storm headed there way did they move no they continued doing what they do best gamble whoring and alcoholism !!!!BEST OFF I LEARNED IN LIFE BEGGARS CAN’T BE CHOOSERS AND WHEN THEY START CHOOSSING THEY ARE NO LONGER BEGGARS BUT A PROBLEM !!! As they sit around on there asses and doing nothing why should we help the lazy.


  2. There was a guy I used to work with who would get drunk and send out really random and rambling emails to the team when he got drunk. They were much funnier than noel’s post above.

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