Nothing Like A Good Demolition

By on November 2, 2005

In today’s local paper

The tallest building in South Dakota will come tumbling to the ground amid great fanfare on Dec. 3 [at 1:00 p.m.], and the owners of the property plan to use the event to raise money for the fight against multiple sclerosis.

The old Zip Feed Mills tower is being demolished to make room for a $15 million office and retail development and possibly a new events center.

This is going to be a family event for me.

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  1. That will be a sight! I’ve always been a little disappointed that the Zip building didn’t make the list on; they list only the Qwest and Security Bank buildings in Sioux Falls. Now I guess it’ll be a legitimate omission.

  2. Only Sioux Falls idiots can unsuccessfully demolish a building. The contractor for the demolition said that this was the easiest demolition possible….AND THEY FAILD. What morons.


    With such a high opinion of Sioux Falls, we wonder where Nathan hails from. Sioux City perhaps?

  4. Only Sioux Falls idiots can unsuccessfully demolish a building.

    Hate to break this to you, my illiterate friend, but the demolition company was a national outfit hired to come in and do the job.

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