Please Don’t Crash this Car

By Deane Barker on November 2, 2005

Is one California family driving the car of the future?: A California family is testing a $1 million prototype fuel cell vehicle for Honda.

A lot may be riding on the compact Honda being leased by the Spallino family of Redondo Beach, Calif., for $500 a month. The modest-looking car that seats four is the first fuel-cell-powered vehicle being used by a family anywhere in the world.

[…] Honda convinced a hydrogen supplier to build a refueling station built near the Spallinos’ house, the paper reports, but the local fire department, wary of risk of explosion from the flammable gas, has yet to let the station open. So the Spallinos fill up the vehicle at Honda’s North American headquarters not far from their home.



  1. I like the reference to the Hindenburg. Probably a good thing Ford didn’t attempt this in the 70’s with the Pinto.

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