Clinton Losing the Domain Name Game

By Deane Barker on July 14, 2003

Clinton critics corner market on domain names: Bill Clinton’s staff didn’t register domain names soon enough for his new presidential library:

“ is being held for a $9,500 ransom. And Greg Forsythe, a 28-year-old graduate student from Huntsville, Ala., created to link to other anti-Clinton sites, including the site of the Counter Clinton Library group that has plans for an anti-Clinton museum.”



  1. you want to “filter” comments. I wonder what low tactics you crazy right wing nuts will try next. Fliter my comments. You have a nut for a President. Filter what he says

  2. I find the last two comments hysterial. The guys posts something, and MT-Blacklist tells him it has to be approved solely because the entry is over two weeks old. So we get the second comment accusing us of being “right wing nuts.” Bizarre.

    I would have deleted them, but I was laughing too hard.

  3. I typed in and it took me straight to (the page even has a great big photo of the trailer house itself — it really does look like a mobile home!)

    Looks like Bubba’s boys got that one covered anyway. Wonder what ol’ mentalhealth54 thinks of that?

    If he’s looking for anti-Clinton stuff, how about

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