Driving Me Crazy

By on November 1, 2005

What’s the deal with comment spam like this:

http://www.pornsite.xyz/viagra.html badonkadonkbarker

There’s always a link to some porno/gambling site and a made-up contraction that makes no sense. The only think I can figure out is that if you Google one of the nonsense words from the posts, you get a bunch of pages they’ve spammed. Do they then direct their spam bot to click a bunch of these links and rake in the cash somehow? What is this accomplishing???



  1. Perhaps it is a meathod that spammers use to measure the success of their robots.. When googling doesn’t yeild results, they know it is time to start using an improved robot?

  2. The nonsense word is irrelevant — it’s the URL that matters. Part of PageRank™ is measuring the number of sites linking to your site, the more the better. So that type of spam is nothing more than unsolicited “link exchange” trying to fool Google™ into thinking that their site is popular. Of course, the sad part is that Google at this point has plenty of ways of identifying and ignoring this type of spam, but of course, it doesn’t stop them trying.

  3. Perhaps it is a meathod that spammers use to measure the success of their robots.

    Yeah, that has to be it. The link is just a link — I don’t think it’s too much of an attempt at PageRank since it has no words, just a URL. Attempts at PageRank bostering usually have words in the link text.

    But the nonsense word must be just a way to measure how many they got indexed. If they search for that word in Google, they can tell exactly how many they have sitting out there.

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