Flash and Firefox

By on November 1, 2005

So, has anybody else installed the newest Flash plugin and now can’t view any flash sites with Firefox anymore?

How do I roll this back one version? I really hate going back to IE just to view flash sites.



  1. Should have searched for a fix first – but figured some of you may be having the same issue. Turns out, the issue isn’t with the flash plugin, it is with Adblock and how it reacts with Flash 8.

    The solution is adblock preferences->adblock options->disable “obj-tabs”.

  2. Oh my pasta! You’re my hero for today! Of course, tomorrow I’ll callously toss you aside for shiny piece of foil without a second thought but for the next 2 hours and 11 minutes you’re tops in my book. I’ve been looking for a solution to this for weeks now ever since I started running Firefox 1.5 beta.

  3. Ah, so that’s what it was… thought I was doomed to using IE for anything with flash in it…

    Thanks for that. C’mon everbody, let’s click on the google ads as Thank You!!


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