Audiophile Porn

By Deane Barker on November 1, 2005

Audiophile: A short list of products that hardcore audiophiles spend way too much money on. At one time, Dave posted about a $3,500 set of speaker cables. I can’t find that post, but these guys have found a set of cables for $11,700.

Here’s what they had to say about some mere $9,000 cables.

Apparently, these cables measure well in ‘articulation response’, and balance the ‘holy trinity’ of electrical properties. For $9,000, I would certainly expect my cables to ‘measure well’, even in ways which no-one has heard of before. I’m not even sure I’d pay that kind of money for the holy trinity.

Oh, and make sure you allow ‘ample break-in’ time should you be stupid enough to actually buy them.



  1. Laughable — most of the stuff you read about cables is sheer hype and snake oil. It’s no wonder that Noel Lee (owner of Monster Cable) lives in a multimillion dollar house with a blond trophy wife and a collection of very expensive super cars…

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