Internet Businesses for Sale

By Deane Barker on October 31, 2005

Internet Business For Sale: Some big money is being asked on this page. This site is on the block for $20 million.

One of the few remaining leading photo sharing portals is exploring acquisition opportunities. Currently in its seventh year of operations, this online photo service enables its members to upload pictures from a computer or mobile device. Members can share their photos online with family and friends, […]

I would have thought that was Flickr if Yahoo! hadn’t purchased them

If you don’t have that much, and are being sold as a unit for $150,000.

Raingear Depot and Instrial Tape Depot have positioned themselves as a leading source for their respective products in the niche working gear market.

Laugh if you want, but according to this page these brokers seem to do all right, if a bit anonymously sometimes:

A Dating Site has been acquired by a Public Company

I would list Gadgetopia for sale, but there’s no category for “Less than a buck fifty.” Thanks to Craig for this one.



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