Trick or Treat

By on October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween, everybody! Here are a few web goodies for ya:

  • Scariest thing I can think of this Halloween? Steve Jobs as Darth Vader:

    Steve Jobs was the chosen one who promised to make things right in the computing world. But as time passed, his hunger for power took over, leading him to sue hapless bloggers and embrace dark arts, like digital-rights management. (via Kottke).

  • Take a few minutes to try your hand at some Cat Bowling. It’s harder than it looks. I bowled a 107, which is worse even than most of my usually abysmal real-life scores.

Anybody else have any good Halloween links? Post ‘em and I’ll type them up and pass them out tonight instead of candy. Tune in tomorrow when we take a look at the best way to remove egg stains from a garage door!



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