AOL Commercial

By Deane Barker on October 28, 2005

For some reason today, I suddenly remembered an AOL commercial from about 10 years ago that was my “A Ha!” moment about the Net.

In the commercial, a guy (a nerdy guy, actually) was talking to a woman at a party. They were dancing around the “asking me out on a date” part, until the guy final asked if he could contact her again sometime (maybe he said “call you,” I’m not sure).

The woman said sure, and wrote something on a piece of paper, and handed it to the guy then walked off. Everyone is thinking she wrote down her phone number, but when the guy looked, it was her email address.

I remember thinking “Whoa. Can she…do that?” This was, like, 1995 remember. That was the moment when I suddenly thought, “This Internet…they might have something here.”

Does anyone else remember this? Or did I imagine it?



  1. Yeah, I think I remember a commercial like that. I can’t remember if it was AOL or not, but I do remember an article (in Wired?) I read not long after, probably spured by that commercial, about whether or not people would ever really do that.

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