Henry Work Cycles

By on October 28, 2005

While looking for a link for a kick cycle just now, I stumbled onto a line of industrial kick scooters produced by Henry Work Cycles of Amsterdam. Digging around a bit on the site brought wonderful contraption after wonderful contraption, including the gorgeous Classic Open Dutch Cargo Trike pictured above. That thing can carry up to 600kg; not that you’d want to be behind it pedaling, but it can carry it!

They build everything from old-fashioned bikes to garbage haulers to kid haulers like I’ve never seen! They even have an image of the infamous PartyBike on the main page, although clicking the link doesn’t help you to learn any more about it (hello, webmaster?)

Apparently vehicles like these are more abundant on that side of the Atlantic; you sure don’t see many in the US. I remember seeing a lot of home-built people-powered trucks during my stay in Cameroon last year, carrying impossible loads. I think the only way you’ll see more of them in North America is if gas prices rise drastically and the economy takes a real dump. And in our neck of the woods, adding a heated cab option for the winter months sure wouldn’t hurt!

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