A Different Kind Of Bicycle

By on October 28, 2005

A while back we debated whether there have been any fundamental changes in basic bicycle design in the last 30 to 100 years.

I came accross the StairCycle from StairCycle Innovations which is a departure from the basic bicycle design. Then again maybe it really would not be classified as a bicycle at all. It is some sort of stair stepper / bicycle combination. Here are some video clips of the StairCycle.

They claim…

…many exercise systems are boring and uncomfortable, so we don’t use them regularly. With StairCycle, you can enjoy long rides when the weather is nice and still keep up your exercise program indoors during winter months or rainy days. The natural stair climbing motion is comfortable and provides a more rigorous workout than a conventional bicycle.

The “indoor” part requires the use of an auxillary indoor trainer.

I ride a Giant mountain bike myself and I could not envision myself getting used to this contraption. They do have kid-sized versions. I could see this as an alternative to a scooter for my kids.

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  1. From the side they look a lot like one of the kick bikes, but watching the video shows that they are a lot more complicated than a standard bike.

    And no seat on them? Like the auto-shift bike we talked about a while ago, I don’t see this thing getting much use beyond an around the block or down the bike path ride.

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