By Deane Barker on October 26, 2005

SeaCode: These guys plan to station a cruise ship just outside U.S. waters and stock it with foreign programmers. So, they pay dirt for wages, but they can claim close proximity to the U.S.

SeaCode presents Hybrid-SourcingTM an innovative engineering service which creates high-end software engineering jobs in the U.S. while still providing lower overall costs for our clients. This approach combines the capabilities and convenience of our San Diego-based software engineering center with the proximity and reduced costs of our unique ship-based engineering facility.

Here’s an article:

SeaCode says it will charge clients the same rate as firms in developing countries. The company says the significant benefit of having the low-cost programmers near the U.S. is that clients will be spared from long flights to India and other far-off destinations to check on projects.

By using foreigners working on boats, SeaCode also believes projects will get done more quickly as their programmers toil both day and night. “Try to get American software engineers to work at night,” SeaCode co-founder David Cook told Forbes magazine, explaining his delight in the outsourcing scheme

Via the site with the name that shall not be spoken.

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  1. You’d have to get me one of them plastic covers for my keyboard, I’d be spewing chunks all over the place. I can’t imaging working in those conditions, I don’t know.

    Interesting article though, nice snag.

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